The pulley that runs the serpentine belt, fell off, how do I fix this?

Use Harmonic Balancer Puller. Take Out Crankshaft Bolt. Pull Hub. Replace Harmonic Balancer. Replace Bolt.


This will work for a 1992 cutless ciera. I’m not very mechanically inclined, thank you for your help.

First, Are You Sure That The Pulley That Fell Off Is The Pulley That “Runs” The Serpentine Belt And Not A Pulley “Run By” The Serpentine Belt ?

If it is the one that runs (powers) the belt and other pulley(s) then it was attached to (part of) the harmonic balancer (crankshaft damper) and is bolted to the end of the engine crankshaft. For the “not very mechanically inclined” this job would probably be quite difficult, but probably not so for an experienced mechanic.

If it’s a different pulley run by the serpentine belt then it may be more of a DIY job, depending on what pulley it is.

These cars came with several different engine options. Specifically, which engine do you have ?

Can you do any better with a description of the pulley or are you positive it’s the drive pulley ? Is the Pulley near the bottom of the engine ?


From my online research, it’s the tensioner pulley. Do I need to buy a new one, or can you use the same one, just add a bolt, or screw to secure it?

If it is the tensioner pulley, it wouldn’t hurt to replace the whole tensioner, and the belt. Tensioners for your car are usually pretty cheap and held on with one bolt. You have to index the new tensioner so the dowel lines up with it’s hole or it won’t work. This is self-explanatory when it’s in front of you. Hopefully it is just the tensioner pulley. The 3.3L engine offered in your car (don’t know for sure that is what you have, just guessing) is notorious for breaking harmonic balancers. They give lots of advance warning before breaking, though. Lots of noise and vibration, like the engine is going to explode.