Replacing mechanical fuel pump for 1984 Ford F150

I have a 1984 ford f-150 pickup 302-5.
0 engine. My question is what is the best way on how to replace the mechanical fuel pump on this truck. I replaced it about 5 years ago but forgot what part I needed to remove first if any and did I remove the fuel pump from under the truck. thanks.

Some of those 84 F150 trucks seem to have used two electrical fuel pumps, but apparently some configurations of the 302 (I presume those used a carb rather than fuel injection) used a conventional mechanical fuel pump too. In principle removing the mechanical fuel pump is pretty simple. It’s just bolted on to the side of the engine. When I did that job on my 1970’s Ford truck I loosened the fuel line connections, but didn’t remove them. Then loosened the two bolts that hold it on, and twist on it a bit to break it free from the gasket. Then I rotated the crankshaft (by hand) until the camshaft lobe isn’t pressing on the fuel pump lever. Then I removed the fuel lines and the bolts and pulled it off.

When I did that job on my truck the first time, I decided it would be easier to re-position the power steering pump out of the way. Maybe that is the part you are remembering. If I were to do that job again I doubt I’d bother with repositioning the power steering pump. But for the first time it did make it a little easier to see what I was doing.

When the fuel pump is removed, the fuel pump lever rod is going to drop down.

What you want to do is push the lever rod up, and apply axle grease to the rod to hold it in place.

This will allow the fuel pump to be installed so the rod stays in place and not interfere with the fuel pump lever.


I believe it’s the small block Chevrolet with that problem @Tester.

But it is easier to get the 302 Ford pump installed if the engine is hand cranked to move the cam around so that there is no pressure on the pump lever when installing it.

Thank you George… that information was very helpful😊

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And it would be worthwhile to smell the oil on your dipstick. If it smell like gasoline change the oil and filter before starting the engine again.

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