Replacing lock on hatch of 1991 Honda Civic Hatchback


How do I get the plastic panel off to expose the lock of the hatch on my 1991 Honda Civic DX hatchback? The panel seems to have 4 plastic screws which do not come out when I turn them. Also, where can I get a lock to replace the one that’s there? From a Honda dealer, or elsewhere?

The lock has a piece of plastic straw stuck in it … something I did while trying to lubricate the lock. :frowning: The straw is not visible and not sticking out of the lock.



I don’t know how to get the panel off, but the good news might be that you might be able to get the straw out from the back side when you get in there :wink:


The plastic screws can be pulled out if you gently pry the panel away. They’re not really screws. They’re just to hold the panel on and don’t have threads, just ridges. if you need to replace any, NAPA has a pretty good selection of these fasteners. Bring one in so they can get the right one. I hope you can get the straw out and take care of the lock once you get the panel off.