2006 Honda Civic LX Driver Side Car Door Latch Release problem

Driver side door requires extra effort to open. First pull on the handle releases the door latch partially, but does not allow the door to open full-swing. Second pull on the handle releases the latch completely and opens the door. When opening the door from inside or from outside the same problem occurs. From the inside, it is a little more difficult to open. From the inside you still have to pull the handle twice, but it is not guaranteed the door will open on second pull either. From the inside, if you pull the handle really fast, the latch does not release completely on the second pull either. When the second pull is gentle, then the latch releases (full swing) after the second pull. No problem with closing of the door. Questions, (1) do I need to remove the door panel (2) Is the latch mechanism difficult to remove/repair (3) anyone can post a video on the subject?

Cheapest Easiest Things First, I’d Be Temped To Get A Can Of WD-40 Or Silicone Spray (Something That Lubes, But Won’t Make A Greasy Mess), Put The Straw On The Nozzle And Hose The Latch Mechanism (Door Window Closed) To See If It Works Any Better. Could Be Some Hardened Lube In There. This Way You’ll Know If A Sticky Latch Is The Culprit Before You Tear Everything Apart.

Sometimes plastic clips that hold the control rods break and cause operational problems. The panel will have to off to do more diagnosing/repairing


CSA. Thanks for the comment. Your suggestion should have been my first action and it might have solved the problem. I successfully replaced the latch assembly with a new one, and everything seems to be working now. I had help from two youtube videos. I will be happy to provide the links if anyone askes. I had to remove the driver side interior panel, all the cables. It was messy job because of the sticky stuff that holds the moisture/vapor barrier sheet. Remving the latch itself is a blind operation, since it is behind a metal wall. I am concerned about the many plastic parts in there. Plastic becomes brittle with age and it will break. I guess these cars are designed for about ten years of life. After that, all little plastic links and snapping connectors will simply crumble to pieces. In this case, the car is about six to seven years old. The latch assembly should have lasted a little longer. Honda supposedly makes quality cars. Go figure. One has to rethink about long term car purchases.