Replacing front hub assembly on 2000 silverado PU

would it be ok to use after market wheel hub assemblys for replace ment on my 2000 Chev Silverado 2 Wheel drivec1500 ext. cab. Also,is this something that I can do myself?

The front hub assembly is readily available at any number of Internet parts sites. I have had to replace both front hubs assemblys on my 2001 Silverado, and they are getting ready to be replaced again (183,000 miles on it now). The best hubs are made by Timken bearings in Kentucky (yes, they are American made). Mine is a 2 wheel drive. These hubs last about 80-100,000 miles. They include the anti-lock brake assembly and lug studs, which makes them cost more. They are a sealed bearing, which is why they only last for 80-100,000 miles. There is a difference between 2 and 4 wheel hubs, and 1500, 2500, and 3500 hubs, so make sure you get the right ones. Try Rock Auto for the part. The left and the right hub should be the same part number.

As far as doing it yourself, the problem is getting the old hub off. The back of the hub rusts onto the wheel assembly, and it takes alot of effort to get it off. Once off, make sure you slather the back with anti-seize lube to minimize future rusting of the part to the wheel assembly. I had an ASE certified mechanic work for an hour to get the old one off, and he was sweating when he did it. Once it is off, clean up the rust and the new hub bolts right in. Also, use dielectric grease on the anti-lock connections.

Again, getting the old one off is the hard part (you have to take the disc and the caliper off first). Once off, it is easy from there. Let us know if this helps.