Replacing flex brake hose, seeking advice

Shortly after doing a brake job on my '88 Dakota, I noticed leaking brake fluid that I determined was coming from the flex brake hose in the driver front wheel well. Upon closer inspection, the passenger side seems close behind, so I intend to replace both sides.

It looks like a fairly straightforward job, but obviously it’s important to get this job done right. That said, any tips on how to do this job?

Check the specified torque on the bolts, keep dirt and water out of the lines, bleed them when you are done. A Haynes manual (or similar) can provide the step by steps and torque specs. For an '88, you should be able to get it used on Amazon for under $5

Good Luck.

Pretty straight forward job.
Remove old hose.
Install new hose.
Bleed brake system.

Do you know if there is a rubber brake line that feeds the rear wheels that might need to be replaced, too?


soak the fitting where it joins the hard line with PB Blast. Back in the day when I was swinging wrenches and found a stuck rubber brake hose I would cut the rubber off flush at the fitting with a pair of dikes and would heat a certain portion of the fitting with a torch (mapp/acetylene with a welding tip) and when the remaining rubber popped out of the fitting then I would turn the torch off and while the threaded fitting was still red hot I grabbed a wrench and turned the fitting off with no problems. Did not have to do it often but it worked everytime.

Depending on your area, at this age be ready to replace the brake line to the next junction. More than once I have tried to disassemble a 20 year old connection for hose to hard line and needed to replace both. Its ok just a bit more work.

You are right but I still after 30 years do not have that kinda torch. I just replaced the old hard line to the next junction. I do a lot of old cars.

Well, it worked OK. Even after doing the bleed procedure, noticed the brakes seemed spongy on HARD application (good pedal feel…up to a point).

Suppose I’ll re-do the bleed procedure in the AM.