Clutch trouble

About 4 months ago, I lost all pressure in my clutch pedal. Because of this, I replaced my Master Cylinder. I bled the lines, regained pressure in the pedal, and everything was fine… until today!

While I was driving, I noticed a loud, grinding sound, and immediately began to slow down. When I depressed the clutch pedal, however, I had NO pressure at all. I limped the truck home in 2nd gear and after arriving, I checked the fluid level. No Fluid! I refilled the reservoir and re-bled the lines, only this time, the fluid level continues to drop, and now as I bleed the lines, all of the fluid is leaking out of the bell housing, which I think is where the slave cylinder is.

So… what should I do next?

BTW, the aforementioned vehicle is a 2003 Ford F150. 4.3L V6

You pull the transmission and replace the slave cylinder. Might as well replace the clutch assembly while you’ve got it apart.


Not to be a bother, but is this too in depth for me to do alone? How much will all of this cost?
Thank you so much for your replies.