2000 Ford Ranger - Leaking Clutch Fluid

Clutch fluid leaking from front of transmission

The clutch slave cylinder is leaking.



Unfortunately you’ve got the clutch-slave configuration where the slave cylinder is inside the transmission. Contrast that to my older Corolla, where the clutch slave is on the outside of the transmission. For you that means the transmission has to be removed to replace the slave. The price of the part is reasonable, but the problem is 4+ hours of labor. I suppose you could just let it leak and keep the fluid topped off. But it seems to me that technique will eventually leave you stranded. This problem isn’t something you could have side-stepped by making a different vehicle choice. Almost all vehicles now use that same configuration, even Corollas.

Probably need to get that fixed.

I strongly recommend buying the “Clutch Master and Slave Cylinder Assembly”
The so called quick disconnect on the hydraulic line is usually difficult to disconnect, and almost impossible to reconnect without it leaking,

If you can find a “Pre-Bled” system, I’d go for it, they’re a pain in the butt to bleed.
Also while you have it tore down that far, you might want to think about replacing the clutch.

Definitely replace the clutch. The part is cheap compared to the labor to install it, and you’re already paying most of the labor for it. You’re gonna be really mad if the clutch goes out 10,000 miles from now.

I wonder if replacing the clutch hydraulic fluid at regular intervals as a routine maintenance item would extend the service life of the slave cylinder enough to make the job worth the trouble? The slave cylinder on my Corolla is original to the car, never been replaced; but I’ve replaced the master 3-4 times over the years, and each time I replaced the master I replaced all the fluid.