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Replacing body mounts on a 99 Dodge Dakota

The body mounts on my 99 Dodge Dakota extended cab 4X are rusting.
Can this be done as DIY without a lift?
If so, what’s involved?

The mounts are rubber, that doesn’t rust…If the metal parts laminated to the rubber are rusting, I bet plenty of other parts are rusting too, like the sheet-metal pads they are bolted to…The nuts on the mounting studs will probably have to be cut off with a grinder or torch…Then the body has to be lifted far enough off the frame to get enough room to replace the mounts…Are you sure you want to get into this??

Thanks Caddyman; that answers my question - its not a DIY opportunity.

I needed a couple on my Riviera. I had it at an old guys Bear shop that had been doing front end work and alignments since I was a kid. He got the job done but said it took some welding, and two of them with a big ole impact driver. The nuts that the bolt goes into just kept turning on them. I think it cost me $140 plus the mounts. No way I’d attempt it myself.