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Replacing air compressor

Last fall I had my mechanic replace the broken air compressor on my 2000 Jeep Cherokee with a by pass. I didn’t have money to replace it at the time and I still don’t. I want to pick up one at a junk yard. Can anyone post specs or give me good advice on how to do this? I’ve posted before about this jeep and always gotten great advice about where and how to learn more about maintaining and repairing my vehicle.

Try this site. I just used it and the service was great. I had a new compressor,O-ring kit and dryer with oil and filters for a 2006 GMC truck sent to my door for $305.00. They have rebuilds also.

I checked out that site already. I was really hoping to get the compressor at a junkyard. $195 isn’t a bad price, but I’m looking to save. Thank you.

Go to and see if a junkyard near you has one.

What about LKQ salvage yards. They are supposed to be the new pull-yourself lots… and coming to locations all over the US is my understanding.

Can anyone point me to a schematic of what I’ll need to replace it? Or are all the parts there and I just need to replace the by-pass with the compressor?
Thanks again guys for the links.

What did you by-pass? Surely all you would need to do was just not use it. Or unplug the wires to it.

Besides the compressor you’ll need a new receiver/drier.

A by-pass is a component with a pulley that replaces the compressor. The reason a by-pass is installed is because these vehicles weren’t sold without AC. So you can’t order a serpentine belt for this vehicle that doesn’t have AC from a parts store. Or a shorter serpentine belt can’t be routed correctly so it functions.

We need to know how the compressor failed. If the compessor clutch bearing failed where it damaged the compressor housing, this repair shouldn’t cost too much if a good used compressor is found. But if the compressor failed internally, then this is going to require special AC service equipment. Because if the compressor failed internally it means the entire AC system needs to be flushed and components require replacing. Because if this isn’t done, and you operate the new-to-you compressor with all that debris in the system from the old failed compressor, you’ll watch that new-to-you compressor be destroyed in about three minutes.


ive been running my car two years without air.just dont turn it on.

I wouldn’t cheap out too much on the replacement if you want it to last. $195 sounds like a good deal. You do sometimes get what you pay for. If you get a compressor from “Bob’s junkyard” or similar, it’s likely that some unskilled person just ripped it off an engine without any consideration of whether it was seized, the clutch was any good, or if it had been sitting for 5 years with no refrigerant in the system.

like I and Shootie (above) says. Just dont turn it on!! Besides, just because you hear squeeling, doesn’t mean the compressor is shot.

Shootie, it depends on what’s broken. If the pulley bearing is shot, it needs to be replaced aith the dummy pulley (the “bypass”, often also called an “idler”). In addition to th ecomments Tester made, an idler pulley also allows the tensioner to maintain correct tension on the serpentine belt and ensures in some cases that the proper amount of “wrap” is accomplished on the other pulleys once the failed component is removed. An alternator with a wrap of only 10 degrees (arc angle) probably ain’t gonna work too well.

We don’t even know that anything is broken.

The OP said it was broken. i’ll take his/her word for it.