Replacing a switch

How hard is it to change the switch to engage the 4 wheel drive on a 1999 F150 ? my sister owns the truck ,but she isn’t able to afford to pay a mechanic to change the switch ,so I offered to work on it for her .

Is the switch faulty? Are you able to test the system? Determining the problem may be much more difficult than replacing the faulty part.

If it is similar to the 4X4 switch in a Ford Explorer, it should be as easy as removing the dash panel it is attached to, undo the clips and wire harness on the backside and remove the switch. Pop in the new, replace the clips and wire harness, then reattach the dash panel and done.

Are you sure the switch is the part that is broken, tho? Rod Knox is correct to check the rest of the system first. The switches are durable, and it’s rare for one to break, unless there is visible physical damage.

all I know is that when I move the shift lever on the floor to 4 wheel hi or lo the 4 wheel doesn’t engage like its supposed to do