Replacing a seatbelt in 2002 Volvo V70

The driver’s seatbelt no longer retracts. I took it to my dealer and they want $585 to replace it. I can pick up a used one for $65. If I can figure out how to get the door pillar trim off can I replace this seatbelt or is it incorporated into the airbag system and requires special munitions skills?

Do you have side-curtain airbags? This could be tricky to remove the pillar trim, because there is an airbag in it. First, disconnect the battery before trying to remove it. The seatbelt mechanism should be an easy out, easy in swap, provided you have a big wrench. I just hate messing around with airbags. They can be deadly.

if you have a motorcycle helment, put that on as a precaution as you work on this stuff.

I didn’t think it was legal to sell used seat belts.

I amazed a “safety” company like Volvo would not warranty the repair.

Companies like Honda and Subaru offer a lifetime warranty on this very item. Call Volvo of america and ask them about their stance on safety and covering the item.

Thank you all for your responses.
BustedKnuckles: Yes it has side curtain airbags, that’s why I posted it here. I don’t want to kill myself.
gdawgs: No. People who drive Volvos don’t ride motorcycles.They’re too freakin dangerous.
texases: I’m not a lawyer but used seatbelts are all over ebay and you can buy them from junk yards…excuse me, automotive recyclers. Whereas crack cocaine, which I’m sure is illegal, is not available on ebay.
andrewRA: Thank you based on your suggestion I have contacted Volvo of America but haven’t received a response yet but I’m not optimistic. In the past my dealer has told me when things are covered by warranty.

I’ve been a mechanic for awhile now, and I’ve never gotten an airbag in the face, and I’ve never triggered an etr either.

FWIW . . . the mechanics that do get an airbag in the face were usually doing something really boneheaded

If you’re not banging on the airbag or etr with a sledgehammer, you’ll be fine

Play it safe. Disconnect the battery (make sure you have the radio code first), wait 5 minutes. Then go ahead and do what you must.