Gas Tank Replacement on 2003 Tacoma

I have a 2003 Toyota Tacoma I have a spray-in bed liner, a fiberglass cap and a rack system. It is a great truck that runs well with almost no rust on the exterior body. However, the gas tank has rusted out. Even though it passed all the tests for the frame and spare tire the gas tank and the bracket that holds the tank in place have rusted through to the point where I can’t get gas into the tank without dumping gas on the ground.
My question is whether I sell as is or I drop the $2500 to fix the truck?
Has anyone else replaced their gas tank?

If it was my truck and had been kept in good shape over the years, I wouldn’t hesitate to do the tank. Of course, I would replace it myself at a cost of way less than $2500. Have you checked around for alternative estimates? Have any mechanical savvy and maybe a garage? Or a good friend who does?

You don’t have to buy a Toyota gas tank. Have you looked for an aftermarket solution?

Definitely Google an aftermarket tank, preferably in a nonrusting material. There are a lot of options out there. Why would you replace a tank that rusted out with another of the same??

Parts like this bought from a dealer cost typically 2 to 3 times the cost of an aftermarket replacement. You’ll save hundreds. Maybe more.

Have you tried a salvage yard for the tank and straps. Also, new straps can be purchased for $50 on Rockauto.

I have a customer who was the victim of vandalism. Someone punched a hole in the gas tank of his Ford Ranger to steal his fuel. List price for a new tank from Ford was $1440–and that did not include the pump module. Instead I bought a used tank from an auto recycler for $250. I suggest you shop around for an independent garage that can take care of this for you.

I agree. A gas tank is not worth dumping the truck. Unlike motors and transmission, you have more after market options. You can do much better then a dealer price.