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Dash lights not working

On my 2003 Town and Country van the lights for the gas gauge now barely light up. There is only a glow from the lights on the speedometer casting over it. I noticed the same problem on a rental van of the of the same year and model. Is this common or am I just lucky. The lights all worked OK when we first got the van. How do I get at the lights to fix the problem.

You will need a repair manual to show you how to take off the trim from the dashboard and how to remove the guage cluster. Once you have the cluster out you will find the bulbs twist or snap in place. You can replace on or all bulbs as you wish. If an auto parts store doesn’t have the correct bulbs you may have to go to a dealer for them.

On most vehicles there is a “dimming” switch for the dash lights. Have you checked to see if this switch was inadvertanly turned to the “low” position?

A dimmer for just the fuel gauge and not for the rest of the gauges?

If you read the post, it states, the gas gauge barely lights up, and there is only a glow from the from the lights on the speedometer. The post does not state that the lights are not fuctioning, which could then be a burned out bulb.