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Replacing a/c Belt

I’m changing the three belts on an 08 Hyundai Accent 1.6L The alternator belt and the water pump to power steering v belt are no problem to remove and replace. I cannot figure figure out the a/c belt removal procedure. I’ve checked the autozone repair guide and other searches have come up with no helpful information. Has anybody replaced one on this particular model or maybe similar? I’m sure there is probably a simple solution that I’m not seeing even though it’s right in front of me.

I won’t be much help but there has to be a couple adjusting bolts on the compressor to loosen the belt. May or may not be easy to get to from top or bottom. Still used V belts instead of serpentine? While not necessarily recommended by me or anyone, on my 74 Olds, I could not get at the power steering adjusting bolts. I carefully used a screwdriver and bumped the starter to remove and install the belt. All you have to do is get it started on the pulley. Works as long as the belt is the same size. Not responsible for damage to pulley, extremeties, or adjacent parts, but worked for me.

@Bing…This set up actually has two serpentine belts and one v belt. The v belt connects the power steering to the water pump. One serpentine belt connects the crank, water pump and alternator. The second serpentine belt goes from the crank to a/c compressor with an idler pully. The idler pulley has an adjuster on it that I tried to both loosen and tighten but would not completely come out. I know it is not a tensioner and the compressor is bolted on solid.

You first have to loosen the nut/bolt on the front of the tensioner pulley for the AC belt. Then turn the jack bolt for the tensioner pulley to remove/install the belt.


Tester…Are you referring to the nut on the center of the pulley itself that needs to be loosened or is there some other nut behind the jack bol bolt that may be squared and only accesible with a modified wrench? I know this probably sounds like “belts 101” but I beiieve a drawing would answer any and all questions about the procedure/sequence.

Yes. Loosen the nut or bolt on the face of the tensioner pulley. The when you turn the jack bolt the tensioner pulley will move up and down in order to replace the belt.


Thank you for the info Tester. Might be a couple days before I get back on the vehicle but I will update.