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Taken down


Belt tensioner bearings may be bad, tensioner springs may be bad. Not rocket surgery to determine, maybe he’s talked to incompetent mechanics or hasn’t been willing to pay them for their time to diagnose the problem.

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From what I see on Rock Auto this car has one belt for the power steering and one for the A/C and alternator.

Usually on cars with that setup, one or both belts have to have the tension adjusted manually.

I thought banshees were mythical, not proverbial. I second @Mustangman’s hypothesis. My alternator moved a tiny bit, which resulted in horrendous screeching on start. A spray goop, belt dressing, is supposed to help, but it didn’t in my case. I had to pound a scrap of wood between the block and alternator to get it tight while I tightened the mounting bolt. It was an unmeasurable bit too close. Cheaper than hiring a mechanic, just replace all the belts yourself. If it’s cheaper just to replace the suspect part I always do that instead of hiring someone.

Try replacing the serpentine belts.

Today’s serpentine belts can’t be visually inspected to determine if they require replacement or not.


Since turning on the air or heat (possibly with the AC, for defrost) brings on the banshee, the belt that drives the air conditioning compressor is the likeliest suspect. It could be very worn and glazed from all this slipping, making it even more prone to slip. There could also be a problem with the AC compressor, that it is very hard to turn because of an internal failure. If the AC belt drives only the compressor and maybe a tensioner pulley, you could just remove the belt for a while. Your AC would not work and the defroster wouldn’t work as well, but should still do the job. Meanwhile the banshee would be on hiatus.

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