Best US cars in certain category

I seek advice on he best US cars that are sort of equivalent to:

1. honda civic

2 honda accord / toyata camry

3. toyota avalon

1: Ford Focus
2: Ford Fusion
3: Ford Taurus (the newer one, not the older design)
Buick Lucerne

2- Chevy Malibu
3- Any Buick!

  1. Ford Focus

  2. Ford Fusion

  3. New Ford Taurus or Buick

Are you actually buying 3 cars and feeling a wave of patriotism?

  1. Focus, but it’s interesting to note that the Cobalt sales are right up there with the Focus. If you are looking at the sport model, the Cobalt SS is the clear winner. Both even beat out the Mazda3 in sales.

  2. Malibu, and the Fusion is a fine car, too.

  3. Pontiac G8. If you want a little sport with your boulevard cruising, the G8 is the clear winner (with the V8). Mileage is pretty good for a sport sedan: 15/24.

Consumer Repots is the most comprehensive comparative analysis that I’m aware of. Stop by the local bookstore and pick up the CR New Car Buyers’ Guide.

Best US ?
There is just as much a chance that the three you listed is assembled in America with as high % of American made parts as any other brand.
Otherwise, you’re just looking for a car with an American sounding name.
You must mean a company listed on the US stock exchange.
If your intent is to “buy American”…research where the model you’re interested in is made and what % of its parts are from US suppliers.
I believe the Accords made in America are the best American made cars. I like you, believe in buying the best car made in America.
How patriotic is it to buy a Ford manufactured in Mexico or Canada or a GM car made in Asia ?
Just asking.

Ignore this guy. He shows up in every conversation about american cars and tells people to buy Japanese ones. The person asked about american cars, why not answer that question?

You want to ignore that it’s not as simple question you want to make it…

Of GM’s 252,000 employees, 152,000 work abroad, building Chevys, Opels, Vauxhalls, Holdens and Buicks in 33 countries. See Chevys and Buicks…

But I concede…

So Chevy Metro
Pontiac Vibe
Ford Fusion
All outstanding US cars.

I felt the v6 had a bit quicker response than the v8. Probably because the max torque comes in at 2100 RPMs on the v6 and the V8 comes in at 4400 RPMs

Wasn’t the Chevy Metro built for GM by Suzuki?

The Metro was built in either Canada (Ingersoll) or Japan, the Vibe is built in California by a GM-Toyota Joint Venture (NUMMI), the Fusion is built in Mexico, and so on.

i appreciate the information. what do you think of the ford escape compared to its peers?

Ford Focus
Ford Fusion
New Taurus

Pretty decent and if bought used could be a bargain compared to the other brands that have higher residual value. The twin sister is Mazda Tribute.

Despite GM’s current financial situation, I’d have to put my money on the Saturn Astra.

But I hope Alan Mulally would bring the European Ford Focus to the United States. That’s a car everyone in the old world is raving about. The current North American Focus is a 10 year old design under all that sheet metal. How dumb does Ford think we are? More importantly, how much longer will Ford recycle that old design with cosmetics while the competitions put all new designs on the road every 4 years?

I thought Metros, Fusions and Vibes were US cars cause they had US names…regardless of who makes them and where they were made and by whom.
Let’s reset; "What does OP mean by a US car ?

OK, all good choices. But come on! Why can’t we get the diesel Fiesta? Ford has some of the best of the American factory fare but 50 MPG! These aren’t stinky, noisy diesels. 50 MPG!!! Bring them over here and let’s build them in the USA!

I don’t think car companies can commit until the dust settles on regulations and sales in general. Buying anything new is not popular right now. Around here we’er ready as diesel is available at every station in my local travels.

Ignore this guy. He shows up in every conversation about american cars and tells people to buy Japanese ones.

You have it all wrong. He is simply pointing out that many of GM’s, Ford’s, and Chrysler’s vehicles are made outside the USA, while many Hondas and Toyotas are build here in the USA with American labor. Even the cars made in the USA by GM, Ford, and Chrysler have a high percentage of imported parts.

The best U.S. made equivalent to the Honda Civic is a U.S. made Honda Civic. My Civic was made in Ohio by American labor. It is as much an American car as a GM vehicle made in Mexico or Canada.

[i]You can’t simply dismiss someone who has a valid point to make just because you don’t like the point![/i]

Even the new CEO of GM doesn’t want protectionist policies. He wants people to buy the car that best meets their needs. I think that acknowledges that GM hasn’t done such a great job of making cars that meet people’s needs.