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2003Windstar, PO 171 PO 174, New MAFSensor?

Running lean bank 1 and bank 2.

Duh, 2003, 55k miles, 6cyl engine.

Clean MAF
Check vacuum/intake leaks
Check fuel pressure

Thanks, Looked on the web, for a how to, the guy had MAF cleaner, guess I’ll buy some unless something in my arsenal will suffice, will check vacuum and fuel pressure also. No issues but the light so far.

Both engines for this model were v6. One a 3.8 liter, and the other 3.0. I’m assuming you have the 3.8. Most common cause for these codes is leaking upper intake. Leaks when cold and seals when warm. To actually diagnose this one you will need a scanner so you can watch fuel trims.