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Replacement IMA battery warranty

Recently received IMA replacement battery on my 2007 Civic Hybrid at 103,000 mi. It was at no cost under my HondaCare policy. Dealer says warranty on this expires with HondaCare at 10yrs/120,000mi. That is, warranty is only good 4 yrs, 17,000 mi. If this is a new battery (which I assume it is), can this be right? I am especially concerned because in 2012 dealer installed a replacement IMA battery at 88,000, which only lasted 15,000 mi. (For what it’s worth, in this case such a limited life apparently did have an explanation - an independent garage told me the 2012 installation was performed incorrectly, according to a later Honda service advisory.)

you only get the original coverage for the warranty. 10yrs and 120K miles. period. you got a gift at the replacement. don’t ask for more as you are probably good for the future 10 years, but without additional warranty.

you are ahead so let it go.

Zerger3: Do you know about when the “later Honda service adviser” went out? I had my hybrid battery replaced by Honda in about August of last year and I am hoping they got that advisery before then. Thanks!

Honda is only required to honor the original terms of the warrantee since they are paying for the battery. If you have to buy one on your dime, then it should come with a separate warrantee.