Honda Civic Hybrid Reconditioned IMA battery

I had the IMA battery replaced under warranty 25,000miles, 2 1/2 years ago. It was a free warranty replacement. The IMA/check engine light is on again and they are telling me there is no warranty on that replacement one. The Honda dealers insist that the warranty starts with the original battery, in 2004, but there is nothing on the replacement ‘newer’ one at all. Thus they want over $3000 to do another replacement. IS this Legal? Do not replacement parts have warranties? Need some information if anyone else has had this happen to them! Thanks

You’ll want to post this in a Honda hybrid forum, lots better chance of finding someone with similar experience to you. If you have nothing in writing describing a warranty, I’d say there is none. I wouldn’t expect the new battery to have the same warranty as the original, anyway. I would expect Honda to make sure your battery worked for the length of the original warranty.

Have you looked through all the paperwork you got 2 1/2 years ago?

If it were a battery that you purchased that would certainly be true. Their only obligation is to supply you with batteries until the end of the warranty period.

Most manufactures have it stated that the warranty on parts replaced during the regular waranty is up when the original warranty expires. I would contact Honda America and see if they will provide you with any type of assitance.

Thanks to all for your comments. I will talk to Honda America. TLHybrid

So your car is a 2004? I believe the original battery warranty was something like 10 years so it would likely be true that your original warranty period is now up.

Normally, the warranty replacement batteries have something like a 1 year warranty.

You can get this replaced cheaper if you look for a hybrid battery reconditioner in your area. Some of them will remove the old battery and install the new/reconditioned battery for you (for an extra fee). My old Gen1 Insight was not bad to swap out the battery, but you did have to be able to lift a 100lb battery out of the hatch area.