Replacement Floormats that don't stink

I’ve been looking for ages to replace the floor mats in my 95 Corolla wagon that are PVC or vinyl free and can’t seem to find any. It seems to me that this should really be a no-brainer and someone would have come-up with something by now…


I’ve noticed no stink out of the WeatherTech floor mats I got.


You get what you pay for. The Weather Tech floor mats are not cheap, but they fit better than any other mats on the market and are made from pure rubber, rather than the far cheaper PVC/vinyl.

When I first began buying these mats–about 20 years ago–they were made by the Cannon company of the UK. Now, they are manufactured in the US (Illinois, IIRC) by the McNeil Corporation.

Personally, the Weather Tech mats are the only ones that I would use. If you are willing to pay for something more expensive, you can get quality merchandise.

I just went to their site and looked in the “details” section of the matts available for Corollas and they don’t state what the things are made out of. When they don’t state what it or make that info hard to find, I take that as a bad sign. I would think that someone has matts that are at least PVC vinyl free if not recycled from something else.

Trust me–the mats are made from 100% rubber and do not have any offensive odor.
In fact, I don’t recall that they had any detectible odor.

If there is a customer service phone number listed, I would suggest that you call McNeil to inquire about the materials from which the mats are made. Just be aware that these are not “Wal-Mart priced” mats.

Yes, give them a call. Also I believe they have a good return policy if you aren’t happy. A quality outfit.

Just out of curiosity, why are you so opposed to PVC or vinyl? Allergies?

I FINALLY found some at Target that are made of recycled rubber, and they were less than 20 bucks - Hooray!

I’m opposed to PVC & Vinyl because they’re incredibly toxic in every stage from manufacture to the off-gassing of the finished product.

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Seriously though, I’ll bet there’s still some out-gassing going on inside that old car. The interior is probably made out of PVC and vinyl and other formaldehyde out-gassing materials.

Good Luck,

Of course, and when someday I’m able to afford a new car, what the interior is made out of might become a factor in what I choose to buy. In the meantime if I can make the choice not to buy a product that is made of vinyl or pvc i’m going to go with what’s less toxic for everyone.