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Custom all weather floor mats

Want to purchase all weather floor mats for a 2013 KIA Forte 5 door (hatchback). None of the suppliers I find by googling such an item has this product. Any ideas?

How much dirt and mud are you planning on dealing with? I have found that the generic ones sold at wlamart or parts stores are pretty good and much more affordable.

Have you checked the website for Weather Tech?
Their mats are the absolute best quality to be found, and they are made in the US. Hopefully they have already begun production of mats for your car. If not, a phone call to their headquarters might produce information on an availability date.

Yes, you can find mats that are far cheaper at retail stores, but they will not fit the same way that the custom-molded Weather Tech mats will, nor will they be as durable. High quality does not come cheap.

Michelin makes excellent generic floor mats, with deep creases and a high ridge to contain large amounts of slush. I put them in my Toyota and they work great. The are not cheap but very durable.

Another vote for Weather Tech, I’ve used them. I see the 2013 Forte is not yet listed. I would call them and see if they have mats that will fit, or when they will.

And another vote for Weather Tech. One nice thing about the custom fit ones…is #1 they fit perfectly…and #2…On my toyota and pathinfers they had these hold down clips…The Weather Tech has the holes in the mats to continue using the clips.

Weather Tech is also the OEM maker for Toyota/Lexus pads.

We have had Husky Floor liners in the passenger compartment and cargo areas of our Rav and 4runner for over 8 years. They have been out standing and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a set for any new vehicle. They are designed to contain contaminants in one area and easily dumped at your convenience.

You might want to check with the dealer. For both Acuras that we bought we bought the winter mats. They are heavy, high quality, and minimize run-off from melting snow. They go in some time around November and come out in April, although you could use them year round. They cost about $120 but are well worth it and no comparison to Walmart quality. I’d agree with the Weather Tech mats though that seem to be similar quality.