Perfect fit all season floor mats for my new car?

I am trying to look for an all season floor mat that is specifically designed for my Hyundai Tucson 2011. But I am not able to find any that are specifically cut for my car :S Any ideas where I can find it? Also, seat covers too. And any other recommendations on how to take care of the leather seats? Any specific brand recommendations? Thank you all! This is a great site and great comment-ers! :smiley:

ps. for the mats, for the rear row, it’d be better to have on piece that covers all (including the “bump” part in the middle" rather than having two separate pieces that does not cover the middle part of the rear row)

Most dealerships carry all-weather mats for everything they sell.

The MacNeill Weathertech mats recommended above by mountainbike are better than the OEM mats that you can get from dealerships because they cover more area than any OEM mat that I have ever seen, and are very sturdy, to boot.

They are precision molded and fit perfectly since they are custom-made for each model, rather than the “one size fits all” mats that are sold in auto parts stores. They even come with the appropriate holes for the hooks provided by many manufacturers in order to keep the mats from sliding into the gas/brake pedal area.

These are the only mats that I would use in my cars. They are pricey, but they are well worth it.

Edited to add:
The Weathertech mats are MADE IN THE USA, which is another great reason to purchase them!

Another vote for the Weathertechs, work well in our Forester.

Yeah those look like nice mats or get the OEM from the dealer. I have the OEM rubber mats for winter, and the OEM carpet mats for summer and that works fine. You don’t want or need seat covers for leather. Defeats the whole idea of leather. Just clean them once in a while with leather cleaner and they’ll be fine for years.

I realize that you are correct when you say seat covers defeat the purpose of having leather seats. I can’t explain why, but I do not like leather seats, and would tend to not buy a car with them. So, if I had a car with them, I would probably also investigate covers.

Of course, not being able to explain why I don’t like them is not a big thing, because I don’t feel compelled to explain. I just don’t like them. Period.

Ahem, under the circumstances, do be very careful to examine the new seat covers to make sure there is no conflict with foot pedals including throttle.

Another thing about seat covers, especially on newer vehicles, is that most companies don’t want to you use seat covers because of the side airbags that are usually embedded in the seats.

“do be very careful to examine the new seat covers to make sure there is no conflict with foot pedals including throttle.”

I highly doubt seat covers will conflict with the throttle and/or brake pedal unless they fit so poorly you took them off and in disgust threw them on the floor to use as floor mats!

I Believe IRLandes Meant To Write “FLoor Mats” And Inadvertently Wrote "Seat Covers,"
But You Knew That, Right ?

It’s good advice.


Same here, Weathertech mats in my Sequoia are great.

Seat covers for leather seats is overkill. If you paid for leather you should sit in leather. They are easy to clean and lots of products available to keep them clean and soft. LL Bean sells seat protectors for the back seats if you carry a dog around with you.

Heated leather seats are fine. If the seat isn’t heated I prefer fabric seats over leather. I don’t pay extra for leather seats, fabric seats are just fine. But I don’t have to have granite countertops in the kitchen either. Leather seats are a must for many people.

And another vote for the Weathertech. Have then in our Lexus and 4runner. Bought them from the dealers. They were a little expensive, but well worth it. I’ve had them in my 4runner now for 4 years…The drivers side I keep all year round…the other 3 I swap out with the carpeted ones for spring and summer.