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Replaced windshield wiper switch

I?m torn with the following situation.

I own a 2000 Discovery LandRover with 85,000 miles. The windshield wipers only work with the washer mode, however, can take up to 20 minutes before they start normally.

I took the car to a LandRover repair shop. They said the switch needed replaceing as it was not connecting with the computer. The cost was $421.00. When I asked what the hourly labor rate is I was told the owner had that information but the mechanic thought about $100. Though they normally take the parts and labor and package the price.

As there was bad weather today I needed the wipers to work, so I had them replace it. It took about 20 minutes. When I returned home I looked up the part and found it on a LandRover parts site for $50.00.

My father thinks I should return to the shop and ask about the huge cost difference, my friend says no. The shop had the part, did it quickly and properly and the safety issue alone was worth it.

It seems exhoribant to me, but I?m confused on it this was our of range or not. And what are my options.


If you needed the wipers working in a short time this means the dealer had that switch in stock and you pay the price the dealer charges. Not the price you can get the part for off the internet.

There’s many times where I could get a certain part off the internet and save up to 70% on the part. But that could take 3-5 days before the part is recieved. And if the customer wants vehicle fixed in a short period of time, then there’s no alternative but to get the part from the dealer and be at the mercy of paying their price for the part.


Dealer prices are dealer prices. Shops that specialized in high end vehicles like LR often charge comparable prices. That’s the way it works.

If you ordered the part for $50 from the website, who would have installed it? Are you willing to do this work yourself? Do you have the knowledge and equipment?

There’s nothing cheap about owning or repairing a Land Rover. You should know that by now. I’d be happy to have the wipers working correclty.

Do you also go back to McDonalds for a refund after you find out the coffee you just bought would have been 15 cents cheaper at Burger King?