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Replaced clutch bled clutch lightly grinds going in gear

hi i have a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS 2.0 DOHC Manual transmission i just replaced the clutch bled the clutch no air in lines drove around the block grinds changing gears then pulled to my driveway and the clutch got stuck and did not want to disengage so had to turn off engine to prevent from hitting the house lol there is a rattle in the gear box thats pretty loud the master and slave cylinder dont have any visible leaks even n the boot for the pin that pushes the clutch fork the pin seems to only move maybe an inch and the pedal is ver soft. in fact while driving it seemed it got softer even after i bled the clutch many times still seems to be soft so im all out of ideas any advice would be great. TY!

The problem is probably with the clutch master cylinder.

The master cylinder can leak internally where it doesn’t produce enough hydraulic to operate the slave cylinder, and show no external leaks.

If the master cylinder is leaking internally, you can bleed the system til the cows come home, and never produce the proper hydraulic to operate the slave cylinder.


thank you il change that out and go from there :slight_smile:

If you’re going to replace the master cylinder, also replace the slave cylinder.

Because when one fails, the other isn’t far behind.


Will do thanks again for the help!

Be sure to bench bleed the clutch master cylinder, per the instructions that come with the replacement.

I agree 100% with the above… Your first suspect is the master. Be sure to “Bench Bleed” the master prior to install. Also replace the Slave…both are inexpensive.

Assuming the clutch is installed properly…That should fix you right up.


I have never worked on one of these but did once have a throw-out bearing not seated on the fork correctly. It had come loose and was cocked funny. Luckily this was an easy fix for me as it was on a Geo Metro, which has to be on the list of the easiest cars to work on. You might also check and see if this is the issue. That being said, you probably aren’t wasting money on this by replacing the cylinders on a car this old, especially if you plan to keep it.

There might or might not be a hole where you can shine a flashlight through the bellhousing and see if the TO bearing is in the proper position.