2006 mit. eclipse gt, Clutch bled, new throwout bearing, wont go into first gear, why?

I assume that is with the engine running. Does it go into first with the engine off?



I agree.

If it goes into gear with the engine off, the problem might be with the clutch master cylinder.

That may be what took out the original clutch?


This all started with the Throw out bearing

Can you see the throwout bearing in action? Is there an inspection window on the side of the transmission? Sounds like something is not installed correctly and the clutch is not releasing completely.

Well? If the clutch master cylinder can’t produce enough hydraulic pressure to completely release the throw-out bearing, the throw-out bearing will wear out.

Do the engine running and not running test.

If the gears shift without the engine running, it’s the clutch master cylinder.


You can go through the gears while its off but you can’t while its running

No inspection window. You can’t see the throwout bearing in action. We believe the clutch master cylinder is to blame like you guys mentioned. We have to order these parts from dealer, we can’t find them anywhere so this has been a long process.

I have to wonder if the problem was ever the throwout bearing in the first place.

Have you confirmed that the hydraulic system is working properly and everything properly adjusted? I have to agree with Busted and Tester. Know too that just because the hydraulic system isn’t leaking does not mean fluid is not passing by the piston seal internally.

We replaced the master cylinder and it still doesn’t work. Very frustrating not sure what to do now…

When you replaced the master cylinder did you also replace the slave cylinder? They should be replaced in pairs because the problem you wind up with is the problem you are now experiencing. It is frustrating…but that’s the way the system generally works. I’ve seen it a dozen times. No one wants to replace the slave cylinder because of the amount of work but it must be done in most cases in order for the clutch to work properly.

Someone said the clutch could be in backwards? Yet my brother said the way he put it in seemed to be the only way it would go in ? Do you think it’s more possible that the slave cylinder needs replaced or that the clutch is backwards?

Yes it is possible to install a clutch disc backwards and has happened. Note in the pic of the clutch disc in the kit shown that the disc has a center hub with cushion springs. If the disc is installed with the hub and springs facing the flywheel bolts then there will be all sorts of grief; before having to take it all back apart again.

You really need to ponder whether the disc was installed as mentioned above or with the springs facing the transmission. (The latter being correct.)

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THere must be a way to bleed the slave cylinder. You must have removed the hydrolic line to pull the trans back far enough. This may have let air into the system, and now it requires bleeding.


All the parts: slave cylinder, master cylinder, clutch, all new. Bled and still when started will not go through gears. It does go through when off. Clutch is not backwards. Please give me another idea guys? We feel like we’ve tried everything.

Have you confirmed that the release fork is moving when you press the clutch pedal?
Have you tried via manually pushing the car testing whether the clutch is engaging and disengaging?

If the car won’t roll by pushing with the clutch pushed in, and the fork is moving when the pedal is pushed, then either the fork is misadjusted and not moving the release bearing the necessary amount or the clutch installation has a problem. You’ll need to open it up again and go over everything.

If the car will roll in first gear when you push the pedal in and stops when you let the pedal out, than the clutch is engaging and disengaging and you may want to focus on your shift linkage.

Can you feel the pressure plate spring pressure when depressing the clutch pedal and does it feel normal?
How much free play in the clutch pedal when depressing it before you feel spring pressure?

Are you sure you are bleeding the slave cylinder properly and that there is enough fluid in the reserve tank for the master. I’d pull the line off the slave…let it gravity bleed…reconnect it and bleed the slave.

Sorry…I had to ask. We never know how much a person knows on these boards.