Timing belt change '03 Honda Accord V6

105K service and I’m getting varying responses as to what should be changed with the timing belt. Dealership says change accessory belts and just inspect water pump and tensioner. Independent mechanic says to change water pump at same time to save cost later as labor is expensive getting to it when it fails. Third mechanic says just timing belt and inspect rest of belts, water pump, etc. And the right answer is??

Replace timing belt, replace accessory belts as they are removed anyway during service(no additional cost expect parts).

The answer is all mechanics right on replace rest of items or not.

Water pump failures do happen but basically a risk. I will say in my family’s ownership with 15 cars Honda, Toyota and Subaru all run somewhere into 250k none experienced water pump or tensioner failure.

Just weight it out including your expected ownership of vehicle (eg 1,2 year or “forvever”)

Change the water pump with the timimg belt. Also, have the radiator hoses, and “fan” belts, changed at the same time.
It is advised to change the water pump because experience has shown that the water pump begins leaking before the next timing belt change becomes due. To change the water pump would cost as much as to change the timing belt, if done at a later date.

Change the ALL-Belts…Water-pump and belt tensioners.

You DON’T have to change the pump and it will probably be fine. The problem is…IF it fails the cost is very very expensive to replace it. The cost is minimal if you replace it when you change the timing belt.

I’d err on the side of caution. Replace timing belt, tensioner, water pump, accessory drive belts, thermostat, and radiator cap.

Then drive worry-free for another 100K miles.

This is a major maintenance instance when you don’t want to skimp. I would replace the timing belt, tensioner and water pump and all drive belts outside the engine. Also the hoses.

As mentioned, it gets you set for the next 105,000 miles or 8 years of trouble-free driving.