Replace VW Passat Transmission Oil Cooler - drain transmission fluid?

Hi, my transmission oil cooler sits toward the top of my 2014 Volkswagen Passat 1.8T Wolfsburg Edition, if I were to replace it, is it necessary to drain all the transmission fluid? I know some fluid will come out but didn’t know if it would continue to come out once I disconnect the hoses and unit? Thanks!!


Just guessing, I would not think you will loose major trans fluid. You could always stic a bolt in the hoses while you put the new cooler in. Given the height relative to the pan I would replace it and check level afterwards. Just my thought, I am not a mechanic. Is the old cooler leaking?

Thanks, was thinking the same about the hoses, could plug those off, but sure when I remove the unit if fluid would continually flow out. It is leaking, not a major leak, but is leaking. Had it diagnosed at the VW service center and they confirmed it needs to be replaced, but since it doesn’t look too bad to get to I was going to do it myself but I live in a complex and can’t be draining fluids and such. Thanks again.

I think that the key question is…
When did you last change the trans fluid?

If it was more than 3 years ago, you are already overdue for a trans fluid change.

Hi, yes it could use a trans fluid change, but was hoping to change the part first and then bring it in to an old change place to have the fluid changed. The quotes I’ve gotten so far to change the oil cooler is unfortunately more than I can spend right now and was hoping to do it myself. But if I have to drain the transmission fluid then I’ll have to save up to have someone to do both the part change and fluid change. Thanks.

You won’t need to drain the transmission.

Those are coolant hoses in the picture, the repair manual states to clamp the hoses off before removal to keep the coolant in the engine. If you don’t have clamps for the coolant hoses, you will need to drain about half of the coolant from the engine to keep from spilling on the pavement.

The repair manual states to remove the catalytic converter to be able to access all of the transmission cooler mounting bolts.

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