Replace starter car still does not start

I have 1995 Chevy Corsica, I replaced the starter about two weeks ago. Everything went well. Yesterday, tried to start the car and nothing happened. Took starter back

to store and received a new one, car still did not start. Tested the fusical liks and they are fine. Horn blows, lights work. All documentation I checked says it is the starter. Any suggestions?

Yes. Remove both battery terminals. On the positive terminal, peel back the red rubber cover to expose the terminals. If you find a white/greenish powder under this cover, replace the positive battery cable assembly.


Connect the electrical connectors to the starter. Turn the keep…What happens??

If the starter turns…try turning the engine by hand.

Have tried that. Could battery be too weak. Power locks work and horn blows, radio comes on. Starter does not turn.

Those cars have a weakness in the ignition switch, and it shows its head like this. I know, I had one, I had the same problem. Check out the switch, might be your problem.

Thanks, how do I check out the ignition switch? Take it to shop? Do you remember the price to fix? Is it worth it? Any advice is helpful in these times? Also, thank you to all who commented.

Jump the starter at the solenoid,if it cranks correctly you have a point to start testing from.

By following the advice of Oldschool you will quickly find out if the trouble is with the starter or the wiring to it. Most likely it is the wiring to it since you have a rebuilt starter. Just place a small jumper wire between the positive battery post and the starter solenoid wire. Make sure the transmission is out of gear or in Park before doing this.

You didn’t state if this car has an automatic transmission or not. The problem could be due to the safety switches, besides the ignition switch.

You tried it and it still didn’t work???

A starter draws a LOT MORE current then anything other electrical component in your car. The battery could be too weak…Or as Tester said…check the connectors.

Thank you all for your advice. It was the battery. It was too weak. Once we checked the connecters and got a good connection, we jumped the car and it started.
Thank you all once again.