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Cars going crazy

I have 94 corsica and lately when i try and start it i get a cluck sound frm the starter after a couple of times trying to start it it will start. then i’ll turn it off and it will start right up and then sometimes i get the same sound, the battery and battery cable are new and o is the starter soliniod and the starter and ignition switch, i have not found any bad wires. i hope you can help with this problem.

Thank you


702 471-8191

I’d NEVER post a phone number on an open forum like this.

With a car this old, I’d worry about damaged teeth on the flywheel or starter causing this problem. It sounds like the starter is not properly engaging the flywheel at certain positions, causing the clunk sound. Other times, it finds the right spot and engages smoothly. Only a visual inspection of the starter and flywheel will identify which is bad.

You have replaced battery,starter and solenoid,all cables inspect fine, ignition switch replaced,still starting is “not so good”, it is now time to measure what voltage the battery maintains when the key is turned to “start” and how much voltage actualy reaches the starter solenoid. I have seen quite a bit of damage to that mess of wires around the starter on the Corsica,check again carefully.