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I'm back!Replace starter and new battery car does not start again

Replace starter,bought new battery-can started and worked for about 2 days. Drove to work, car sat for about 8 hours. Tried to start car-and it would not start. Unable to comnect to alternater because car will not start.

Forgot to mention-95 Chevy Corsica. Automatic. New starter,new battery.

without knowing more of the symptoms, I would believe the alternator was not charging

I think you’re going to have to somehow get your vehicle to a reputable tech/independent shop and have a full charging system load test done.

Have the test done in-car.

I am going to have it towed to a reputable mechanic-Mid Atlantic in Baltimore. Recommended by car talk. Plus, they replaced the heater core late last year in same car. Will post the outcome. Thanks.

I wouldn’t think you would need a tech to tell you the alternator wasn’t charging the battery.

So, I should replace the alternator?

How can I test the alternator? The car will not start when I try to jump it with cables.

Do we know if the battery is really dead or if the real trouble just with the starter circuit? It sounds to me that the battery may be ok. Try turning on the headlights and see if they work. If they are good then try starting the car in neutral. The safety switch may be the real trouble.

That depends on the individual. Some people would know that a bad battery or a alternator problem could cause starting problems, along with several other problems. Others will just blindly throw parts at it.

Considering many auto part stores will test the battery and charging system for free, it seems foolish not to take advantage of it.

We need more information. You describe the problem as “it does not start” but we don’t know if anything happens when you turn the key to try and start it? Do the lights on the instrument panel come on? does it make any sounds at all - describe them. What make model and year is the car? What has your weather been like?

Just save yourself a lot of trouble by having a mechanic check it out. The mechanic may have more expertise in troubleshooting the no-start problem than you can currently muster.
To increase your basic automotive knowledge, a local community college probably has a good automotive course for beginners. Check it out.

What proof can you show here that the alternator isn’t charging?

Put a fresh battery in it,everyone needs a spare. Batterys don’t like being taken down to zero.