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Replace power steering column shaft and ball nut..?

For Olds Or Classic car restorers: On my '54 Olds 98 holiday deluxe coupe, I need to replace the ‘power steering column shaft and ball nut’ (ball nut is at end of the shaft). I have not been able to find similar parts from another '54 Olds 98 holiday…I found similar parts on a '55 Olds, but before I buy them, will the ‘power steering column shaft and ball nut’ from a '55 98 holiday deluxe 4 dr sedan…interchange from '55 to '54…?

Chilton indicates that the steering gears in 54 and 55 were totally different. In particular, the later model used a recirculating ball ball nut while the 54 ball nut was fit directly to the worm gear.

Rod Knox, thanks for the info…I’ll continue looking for ‘54 Olds’ parts.

Your welcome, Geomen. Good luck.