Muscle car steering swap

Have’72 Olds Cutlass 4-4-2 with original non-rack and pinion steering and want to replace steering gear with a bolt-on Delphi power steering gearbox with rack and pinion servo, ordered from the 2010 Restoration Parts Catalog. Although I don’t need “how to” info. does anyone have experience with this swap?; is the Delphi unit a good fit with true rack and pinion feel?; are Delphi parts ok?.

Why would you even think of destroying a classic like that? In my younger days I had a 69 and a 70 442.

I don’t thinking putting a modern steering rack on the car constitutes “destroying” it. The OP could just hang on to the old steering box as well. Delphi was a GM company at some point, so one would think they know how to make a steering rack for GM car. They were/are going through Chapter 11 bankruptcy at some point as well.

By '72 it was not the same car (none were). I’d rather have one updated for driving fun on today’s roads, assuming it’s not some super-rare model.

dirckd - you might post this on a GM forum, I imagine other Cutlass/Malibu/Skylark/Tempest owners have done it.

To Texases: Thanks for your comment about the steering swap; I followed up on your suggestion and posted my question on a more GM related website ( and will probably post it on a “dedicated GM-only” site also.