Replace my cracked windshield before selling it?

I have a 2010 Mini Cooper that is fully loaded, in perfect condition, and low miles, except a crack in the windshield. I have had the windshield crack repaired, but it’s still visible, and I am planning on selling it in a few months. It’ll cost $400 to replace my windshield, so should I get it replaced before I sell it, or would it not be worth it? I suspect that a private sale buyer would be wary of buying a car with a windshield crack, but if I sell it back to a dealer or a place like CarMax, would it really matter that much? Any opinions or suggestions are appreciated!


Anybody looking at a car with a cracked windshield WILL lowball you

And they might, understandably, also wonder if the rest of the car is in the same condition as the windshield

Appearances are extremely important when selling a car

If I saw that the seller had not bothered to replace a cracked windshield, I would immediately wonder what other problems he has neglected to resolve. Run away, run away!

Discuss the windshield with your insurance agent without mentioning you intend to sell the car. Many insurance companies will offer a generous allowance to replacing a windshield, treating it as a safety measure.

Check your insurance rider. There’s no deductible for a windshield on my policy.

Absolutely, what they said. In some states the cracked windshield would cause the car to fail safety inspection, and the new owner would not be allowed to register the car.

I bought a used car with a chip on the passenger side that looked like a mosquito that had been repaired. 5 Years ok, lowball offer accepted due to brakes needed and leaking pinion seal, In your case I would say it is worth the repair, but do not be afraid to get second opinions for cost. If a crack is in the drivers line of view it is illegal in many states, but I think the potential buyers you turn off is outweighed by a new windshield.

A 2010 Cooper must look and run perfect to get top dollar. Shop around for the windshield…If the tires are in any way marginal, replace them too…Maybe get the car professionally detailed…

If this were an older vehicle I would resist replacing the windshield but, as everyone else has stated, the potential buyers of your vehicle expect to see a late model car that has been well maintained. Any signs of neglect will make them wary or will encourage them to low ball their offer to you. I agree that the tires should look new (or close), the windshield should not be cracked and I would definitely pay the $150 for a full professional detail. Your car will look and smell like it came off the showroom floor and buyers will love it. A Mini is easy to sell when it is in great condition.

Replace the windshield. No sense giving the buyer something to harp about when negotiating the price.

The car should not have flaws that would keep the buyer from registering it immediately, Any flaws that might prevent that will turn off most buyers.