Replace EVAP leak detection pump module

Hi guys, so glad to be here! I have a 2016 Toyota Corolla and the check engine light is on, with codes below

P2401 Evaporative Emission Leak Detection Pump Stuck OFF
P043E Evaporative Emission System Leak Detection Reference Orifice Low Flow
P043F Evaporative Emission System Leak Detection Reference Orifice High Flow
P2402 Evaporative Emission Leak Detection Pump Stuck ON
P2419 Evaporative Emission Pressure Switching Valve Stuck ON

The Autozone report suggests I may need to replace EVAP Leak Detection Pump Module, which seems costs several hundreds according to my research online. One mechanic say I need to have smoking test to find out problems first. Since I still have 5 months to have my state inspection, I am thinking changing the gas cap, which is cheap, and see whether light would come on again. Do you guys have advice? I am totally new to cars, thanks a lot for reading!

Can’t hurt but it is unlikely to help.

Listen to this mechanic, he is correct.

Which is why you should listen to the mechanic.

If this really is a 3 year old car, isn’t it still under warranty? Even if it beyond the 36,000 warranty, this is an emissions item that may be covered. You likely will still need to pay a diagnostic fee but the repair may be free.

Look in your owners manual and see if the EVAP system is covered for 8yr/80k fed emission warranty. Either way, Mustang is right, better let a knowledge tech handle this one.

This is a used car and have 50k+ miles now. I bought it from a Toyota dealership. Does this emission warranty work for used cars? The manual does mention that if my vehicle fails an emission test, I may make a claim under the Emission Performance Warranty. But I am not sure whether that still applies to my car. I guess I’ll call the dealership first. Thank you!

Thanks man!

But for the EVAP system warranty, the manual says it is 3/36. 8/80 only covers my Catalytic converter and protecter, Engine control module, data link connector, and Malfunction indicator light and bulb. ouch…

Better find a good indie shop with a smoke machine…

Emission components are warranted for 2 years/24,000 miles.

The only components warranted for 8 years/80,000 miles are catalytic converters and computers.


so sad. Do you know how much it would cost to fix the problem, by estimate?

Ya it seems like I shouldn’t turn down the extended warranty when I bought it six months ago. have to pay for it now…

Ya, the extended warranty costs 1800 and emission repair is 400. My math says that’s a lousy deal

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haha I got that one year extension less than 500 if I remember correctly but I still turned that down. BTW, Is the repair about 400 in your estimate? looks like EVAP is not a cheap system.

The people here can guess at a repair price and it will mean nothing . Have no idea where you are or what kind of repair facility you might use . Besides who ever does the work will want to verify that they are going to do the correct repair . And that will have a diagnostic fee .

You are right. I am a poor student living in Dallas TX. I was just worried that I cannot afford a pricy repair. lol. Thank you for the reply.

Yes, it applies to a used car, by law! Good Luck!