Replace engine in '97 Rav4

Our '97 Rav4 manual, 140,000 was recently flooded and the garage says the engine is dead- no compression. Since we have taken good care of the car in all other ways, we are considering putting in a replacement engine.Is this a good idea? Are the used engines one sees on the internet (some w/ 3 yr warranty) to be trusted? We’d love to get a few more years out of this great little car if possible.

If the car was flooded, in addition to the engine, all the wiring will likley have to be replaced as well. Most experts warn against buying any car that has been flooded for that reason.

I’m not sure what the garage means by “dead, no compression”. Flooding normally does no damage the rings and valves to the extent that the engine loses all compression.

Just how bad was the flooding? How deep, did you try to start it yourself after the flooding?

Depending on the degree of flooding and your insurance coverage, you may just not want to bother with a car this age.

The problem is depending on how severe flooding was the electrical system may have so many issues lurking. Also fluids all need to be checked and likely replaced as they are contaminated.

This car has a date with the car crusher IMHO.

How does flooding result in no compression?

If the vehicle was flooded sufficiently to damage the engine, I suggest you junk the whole thing. There could be significant damage to the computers and other electrical components, not to mention the issue of mold.

I’d never try to keep a swimmer.

what you have now is a hobby car. If you feel like spending a couple of years, you can tear it all the way down to bare body, paint it, clean and rebuild all the parts and assemblies, re-upholster it, re-wire it, and have a servicable car, but otherwise sell it to a teenage boy who needs something to keep him occupied after school and on weekends.