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Considering buying flood parts car for the engine

As long as it runs and has good compression, is there anything else I should consider? I plan to check the oil for moisture but there is no guarantee that the oil was changed after the flood.

The seller says that the car runs and drives but the transmission had water in it and slips. I’m not as concerned about the transmission as the engine.

The seller said that there was water in the instrument cluster so this flood would have been a major one.

There is added bonus to me buying a complete parts car. My dad also has a camry that has some body damage from hit and run.

One thing to consider: in these days of computer operated engines and transmissions, you need to match the engine and transmission exactly to do a swap.

Or if they are close, you may be able to use the computers from the donor car. But that may cause other problems.

I was planning to basically use the long block and swap over my injectors/intake etc. I will also use my transmission. Basically my car would not know the difference that the mechanical engine is swapped out.

I am hopeful to get maybe another 50-100K out of my car without investing significant $ into it. I will have the existing engine to rebuild for later swap if the car holds up.

As a mega commuter, high mileage is a killer on the wallet. I figure that the depreciation cost on a newer car is about $0.08/mile. I would like to keep driving what I have and keep that cost down to $0.03 per mile.

Buying a flooded car to use parts on a car that needs work and really expect to get 50000 or more out of it. I have some bridges for sale because you are dreaming.

Look at some low priced new cars with warranty such as the thread on this site about the Mirage.

As for the body damage to the other vehicle if you have never done that you might want to reconsider, Plus what will you have to pay to get rid of the donor car and all the parts left over.

@"VOLVO V70"
As far as the body damage, that is not terribly difficult. I have done body work on hot rods in the past.

Getting rid of the donor car… My plan to to park it on my property and when the primary car goes to the crusher then the parts car would too. Plus you don’t ever have to pay to get rid of a car like that. There are plenty of people that will either buy it for a minimal amount or haul it off for free. You might be surprised on what kind of junk people will haul off for free.

The questions for me would be how many miles on the engine and how much they’re wanting for the car.

If the price is right sounds like a deal considering the body part useage.

The seller already sold the flood car. I did buy a 04 camry. I know the engine is easy swap. I am hoping I can swap the entire sub frame and front suspension. Looks like the transmission is a little different so maybe swapping the computer would solve the compatability issues?