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Replace axle boots

should I repair/replace the axle boots(definitely shot) on my 92 camry 142.000 miles on it…it also needs shocks and struts…or dump it? lovely car

I have a '98 Accord with a shade under 150K on the clock. It’s beat to rags, but still runs well. I use it for work, hauling tools and pulling a small utility trailer for soiled things. I even delivered a 500 lb used treadmill IN it. A minor repair, such as axle boot replacement, I think is worth the expense. Now, if the tranny went, that would be its death warrant. There are too many good used example around to replace it, so it wouldn’t make sense to pour too much money (excess of, say, $800.00) to keep it running.

At 142k miles it would be much smarter to replace the axle shafts instead of rebooting it. With the mileage and the fact the boots have probably been torn for a long time it’s not a good idea to spend money rebooting just to turn right around and have the joints start popping in a few weeks.

Axle boots and shocks/struts are normal wear and tear items. If the car runs and drives well and since you think it’s a lovely car why not fix it?
Trade it off and car payment interest charges will probably be as much or more than what the repair cost is on this one.

Excellent point, ok4450.

You should check with your mechanic to see if he can get EMPI axles for your car. The only cost about 10-20% more than remans but they are brand new and excellent quality. That would save you a bundle right up front. Then try to get KYB struts, they are the best and I believe OEM on Toyota’s.

ok sounds very O.K. on this, as usual. If well maintained the Camrys have proven to be safe, reliable transportation for well over 250,000. One, in fact was sold running well with 310,000 when sold.