Repair cv boots, or will I give my car the boot?


I have a 1996 Toyota Camry, with 95,000 miles on it. I plan to keep this car ONLY one more year. I drive about 7500 miles a year.

The car has recently developed tears in the cv-boots, with grease leaking. Can I just let this problem go and expect to make 7500 more miles?

What does this repair cost?


If you ignore the torn boots, the CV joints will slowly self-destruct, and if one of them breaks you will be stranded along the road. I suggest having the boots replaced.

Call a few mechanics in your area for estimates. This isn’t rocket science. Any good mechanic can do it. The Toyota dealer will probably be the most expensive place.


If there is ANY clicking or binding when turning corners, then the joint is already damaged and will self destruct soon. If you ignore it, it will go bad soon if it isnt already.

Heres what Id do. You might be able to get a good used axle shaft from a junkyard, and have a mechanic install it, for less money than rebuilding the old shaft with new boots, and possibly finding that it is going bad anyway. Axle shafts rarely go bad unless a boot is torn.