Need to replace our van whats available under $3000

I’m in the need of a good used car under 3000.00, I’ve seen some but not well taken care of. If anybody lives near Orlando and can guide me to the right car at the right price… I’m ready,or if you have a opinion whats a good buy under $3000.

At that price it’s going to be a crapshoot. You might find a nice old Crown Vic or similar grandpa car that’s been well kept. Or, do you need another van? Basically, anything could be good or bad depending on how well it was taken care of and what your expectations are. How long do you expect it to last, what do you plan to do with it (long trips, around town, hauling car parts?). Do you need a big car, truck, 2 seater?

A van would be great but a full size car will work and I’m going to buy new again in about a year, and momma just uses it around town for kids and a grocery getter.

I’d love to find a mom and pop big car that has all records and just isnt worth much because of what it is. I found a grand marc. 96 with 26k miles but they want all of the money.

You guys are right on target! Nothing beat a Grand Marq or Crown Vic. They’re really cheap, cheap to fix, last forever, huge and pretty safe. You just have to put up with the substantial “geezer factor” and 17 mpg. They’re everywhere too!

I get 20 about town and I just got 22 on an 800 mile trip. That is driving it like I stole it every chance I get. I have 1:3.27 rear axle ratio while 1:2.73 is the more usual.

You can’t say Grand Marquis without Grandma

Agree, these unglamorous big boats will last forever and if they are good enough for taxi and police service, they will last momma a long time indeed. Luckily there are many retired folks who own 2 cars with one of them a big boat. When these people downsize the big boat goes first, and the kids normally won’t want it. So there should be lots of good, low mileage ones for sale. If you don’t put a lot of miles on, the fuel consumption is not an issue.

Yep, I’d be looking for a Crown Vic/Grand Marquis/Town Car that’s been babied by some retired folks. You live in Florida, surely there must be a million of them for sale.

yes i see a lot of them but mom and pop wont let them go, there is a guy in tampa sells used police cars maybe i ought to check him out. does anybody know someone selling one?

3000 is a little low even for a decent Crown Vic or Grand Marquis. You might have to settle for a cosmetically blemished one. I just did a search in area code 32804 (50 miles) that turned up two 96 GM for under 3000. Both have over 300K. One 97 has ONLY 74K and one did not specify.

There are some CVs as well. I would stay away from the PIs if you can. They can be had cheap at government auctions, but they can be pretty beat-up, can have lots of idling time on the engines, and the suspension is pretty hard if you don’t have a load in them. They are pretty stripped-down as well. You can’t beat the bonus, after-market, vomit and urine in the back seat though,

Well I did it this week. I bought a maw and paw grand marquis 1994 with 91k miles well maintained, no prev. body damage, of course the wife wants dark tinted windows so nobody see’s her. I think it will do us fine for a while, I have to turn the rotors and get 4 tires and all of the power windows won’t go down, other than that not bad. Thanks for the input. cb

Hey, thanks for the update. Looks like a nice ride for a 'round town kid hauler.

Cruise on over to if you have questions about the car. There are some very good people that post over there along with the typical rabble.

Congratulations! Give the Mrs. the option of riding in the trunk. There’s room for her and all the kids! ;^)