Replace a Focus Wagon



A number of years ago, on the show, the Ford Focus was referred to as the perfect car for a Nun. While I am not a Nun, I am very much like one. I have had a Ford Focus wagon for 8 years and have loved it. It has been a great camping car, with enough room for me to sleep comfortabily in the back. We are getting long in the tooth and I am going to retire soon.I am looking for a camping /sleeping friendly vehicle. Considering a Ford Transit Connect and/or seeking suggestions. Nun considerations: Not expensive, good mileage, reasonably safe.


The Transit would be neat, not real cheap, but talk about roomy! How about a Mazda 5?


Toyota Matrix/ Pontiac Vibe both with:
“Nun considerations: Not expensive, good mileage, reasonably safe.”


The gas mileage won’t be as good, but a minivan would be fantastic. It is plenty roomy inside for camping, but carries the bonus of being relatively tall. I know a guy who actually built a bed platform for the back of his Caravan (just 2x4s & plywood) - small air mattress on top; all of his gear down underneath. For a small “campsite” you easily rig as tarp off the side as rain/sun shelter. The ride comfort & power will be superior to the small wagons as well.


I have a 2000 Blazer that is getting long in the tooth. Four wheel drive is nice on occasion, but the hauling ability of Blazer is its best feature for me.

I’m going to take a hard look at the Chevrolet HHR. Fellow at work has had one for 2 years and is very happy with it.

Ed B.


The Mazda5 will carry as much as the Transit Connect and get similar gas mileage. It is also more fun, but is that a nun consideration?


Your ‘sleep in it’ is the wild card, not sure how various small vans/cars/trucks will let you do that. Any nearby car shows coming up? You can check out lots of cars at one place.


A Dodge Sprinter passenger van; maybe a 2007. It’ll cost about $25,000. There’s plenty of room and it gets almost 30 MPG on the highway. Yeas, it’s huge, but it meets all your requirements. You didn’t say it had to be small. Test drive one - it was built for you.


JT,not stealing the thread or anything-what engine does the Sprinter have?-Kevin


That depends on the year, Kevin. The earlier ones have the 2.7L I5 turbodiesel and later ones have the 3L V6 turbodiesel (2007 and later). 2007 also introduced a 3.5L gas engine as an option.


Had a chance to drive one at our Golf Club with a golf equipment distributor. Fell in love with it, but seems very impractical till you’re willing to put lots more money into the interior than “nun like” considerations are willing to do. It’s a working vehicle that’s meant to be used like as delivery/utility truck daily not occasionally; and it ain’t cheap prepping it. It’s a dream that we might have but wouldn’t serve a “nun”.


Are you talking about the cargo van or the passenger van? Dodge offers both.