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Crossover Camper

I have been driving a full size van where I can have a bed and a place for my bike and camping gear.

The van is aging and I need a new vehicle. I need suggestions - I still want room to sleep (I am over 6 feet tall) and room for a mountain bike inside. In addition, I’d like something a bit more comfortable than an econoline, all wheel drive, good gas mileage (over 20 MPH).

Good luck. I would have suggested something like a GMC Savana except for the 20 mpg. Other wise, I’d consider a compact pick up with an extended cab with a 4 cylinder and a bed cover in Aluminum of FG with screens. Having screened in windows make a lot of sense for camping/sleeping. The bike of course will rest outside when you sleep. Otherwise, the Honda Element comes to mind. That has too many ride/handling compromises for me to recommend too highly though.

You’re asking for a vehicle that does not exist. You need to decide which of your requirements is the least important and drop it.

BTW I used to have an Econoline, and the ride was almost limo-smooth. Perhaps something’s wrong with your suspension?

AWD Toyota Sienna with the back seats removed? Anything else will lose one or more of your requirements, and anything smaller will be brutally uncomfortable to try to sleep in. Keep in mind, though, that if you get this vehicle, tire replacement will happen frequently and be very expensive. Because of the AWD system, Toyota did not include a spare, but rather uses run-flat tires. You could also get a newer, 4X4 Econoline if you have liked your current vehicle.

Actually, the van you want does exist. It’s the Mercedes Benz Sprinter. You will get over 20 MPG on the highway; probably more like 25+. You can take several bikes and still sleep a few people inside. It’s expensive, starting at $35,000 for a cargo van. The passenger van starts just under $40,000. It is available used as a Dodge Sprinter at a much more attractive price. A couple if the guys around here warned that their companies use them and that they have reliability issues. But it is the one and only vehicle that fits the bill for you.