Looking for Station Wagon, Van or Camper for weekend camping

This year, I start camping and I like it.

I would like to know should I get a station wagon, van or camper. I am on a limited budget $3500. I will use it as day to day commute and weekend camping. Require as follow:


it will be 2 people go for camping with very limited equipment.

For camper, I am thinking about vw and toyota
for van, I am thinking Dodge Caravan, Phmouth Voyager and Windstar.


A backpack and tent :slight_smile:

Being serious maybe a light weight pop up camper that can be towed.

$3,500 would make a nice downpayment, but it isn’t going to buy you reliable transportation. If you can afford payments, I recommend a Ford Transit Connect.

A 2002/2003 Ford Focus SE wagon with around 100,000 miles is in your price range. But it’s 10 years old and you need to be concerned about how well it was maintained by the previous owners.

Where is home? There seems to be a significant price differential with regard to vehicle types from region to region. Why FWD? And often it is easier for those of us who stalk this forum to roast and toast from a list of possible alternatives that you might find. You might throw a few at us.

I am located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

I am wondering if it is realistic to having a station wagon for camping (sleep inside).

Owning a station wagon seen to be cheaper then a van or campervan.

Why fwd ? Me too Rod…if camping is that important, a used compact 4cyl pick up with a cap could be just the ticket. In 2wd they are pretty good bang for the buck and cheap to fix which makes a $3500 investment within reach.

why 2wd pick-up is cheap to fix?

Is a pick-up easier to fix then a van or sedan?

In general, RWD is cheaper to maintain and repair than FWD and much cheaper than AWD/4WD. And a basic pickup is more suited to camping. The more basic models are the cheapest to purchase and maintain.

And the 2wd pickups are simpler and the drive train layout is much more easily serviced.

This double post seems like déjà vu, “all over again”.

I would skip the FWD and find a nice 98’-01’ model Jeep Cherokee. I have owned several since 83’ and never had a major problem. A 2WD model would be the one I would look for. The 4WD models can be very expensive to repair.

We have a Chrysler van and really like it and is about the same as a Caravan. It is very comfortable to drive. I think you would really like the carry capacity of it also. If you can find the deluxe model I would suggest getting it.