80 Celica, A/C discharge hose


80 Celica, no a/c, leak in my discharge hose. Toyota dealer can’t get the hose (too old). I tried to repair with inner tube rubber, silicone, and hose clamps, no luck. Anyone know any tricks to repairing a hose like this? are there any places that will make new hoses using the old fittings? I can’t ride my rust bucket in style w/o a/c. It is a rubber hose with crimped on metal fittings at the ends, goes from the lower fitting on the compressor to in front of the radiator. any suggestions will be appreciated.


Many reputable parts houses can make a hose up as needed.
Around here, NAPA and O’Reillys make up all sorts of A/C and hydraulic hoses.

Another possibility is buying a couple of hose ends to fit and some bulk A/C hose off the role and make your own.

Once the hose is repaired, and considering the system has been open, it would be a good idea to replace the drier also.

I would also point out that if the hose ruptured that this could have been caused by sheer old age or something else. The something else could be a stuck expansion valve, inoperative cooling fan on the radiator allowing the high side pressure to spike, etc.


Oops, typo. Role - roll. :frowning: