Replace 1 or all tires after 24,000 miles - 5/32" left



2008 Sienna XLE FWD has a slow leak in one tire that is not repairable.

Original tires are Michelin LX4 and have 5/32" thread depth. I think I might be able to get another 10-12,000 miles out of the 3 good tires. Can I get away with buying just one Michelin Destiny for now or is that asking for trouble?

Also do I need to buy the TPMS Rebuild Kit that Discount Tire sells?

Thanks for the help.


Not worth messing with. Get four new tires.

This way you have balanced braking and steering. And with the ABS, that new tire will have a tendency to lock up before the other worn tires in slippery conditions, and could cause the ABS to engage under what would be normal braking conditions.



I think that the proper way to go would be to purchase 2 new Michelin LX4 tires and put them on the rear. However, I replaced one rear tire on my Chevrolet Uplander when I had a non-repairable puncture and had about the same amount of tread left as you have. I was in a hurry to get to a meeting in a town 20 miles away, so I pulled into a Big-O tire store and bought a new tire. The tires on the Uplander were Goodyear. I was going to go back to Big-O and buy a matching tire but the franchise closed down. It reopened as a National Tire and Battery so I just forgot about a matching tire. This was a couple of years ago and I haven’t had any bad effects.


If you encounter winter conditions 5/32" is not worth keeping on as it will offer poor traction and a serious traction imbalance in winter.

Alternatively if money is tight you should replace a pair of tires and place on rear of van.


Or ferret out one used tire…Not ideal, but $25 is better than $450…


How do you use this minivan? If you do a lot of highway travel with your family on board, then you should buy 4 new tires and be done with it. If your driving is primarily around town and you have another vehicle for highway travel, then maybe you could go with 2 new tires on the rear.


The minivan is used for driving around the Phoenix, AZ area - a mix of street/highway travel and winter conditions are not an issue.

Based on the feedback I’m leaning towards getting 4 new ones if I can get a break on the $600 price.

Anyone knows whether I need the $9/tire TPMS Rebuild Kit or is that just an upsell?


I was in the same situation with my wife’s 2006 Sienna, i.e. 1 bad tire after 25k miles. I replaced the OEM Dunlop SP4000 tires with the Yokohama Avid Touring S from Tirerack. The tires were $70 each, with shipping the total with $327. I had the tires drop shipped to my regular mechanic and he installed them for ~$70. The total price was around $400 for 4 tires. So far, my wife and I are very happy with the tires.

Ed B.