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Repeated Problems with 2002 Tahoe LT Air Conditioner

2 Parts:

Part 1: The rear air conditioner doesn’t always work. When we bang on the passenger side panel in the rear cargo area it begins working again.

Part 2: Both air conditioners have lost their ability to cool. I have taken the truck in to my local Chevy dealer and each time had work done in the grand total magnitude of $1200. Work done includes fan clutch, various ‘leaking components’, and system recharging with coolant. What I don’t understand is after the first repair it would be stop cooling after ~2 weeks, and again stop cooling after the second repair after ~2 weeks.

Work completed:

First repair (according to the receipt):

- R&R Clutch Fan

- R&R Leaking ac service ports and low pressure cycling switch

- Freon

Second repair:

- R&R high side manifold line

- freon

The repair shop’s explanation was that after the system was repaired and pressurized another faulty part behind the first one found could surface. Is this a reasonable situation? How long should I expect this to go on? Are there tests the dealer can complete to keep problems from surfacing every 2 weeks?

Thank you!

I think your problems are being magnafied due to a new or learning mechanic being dispatched your vehicle. I would suggest that you ask if a different more experienced man be put on the job.