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Oil leak

i have a 1989 mazda mx6 gt That leaks oil from the passenger side right under the crankseals and oil pan. i replaced the oil pan gasket and the front crank seal. it still leaked and then went to replace the filter, the oil cooler seal, and the oil pressure switch. it still leaks oil. only when its running. i need help with this

First, as the crank rotates it actually over the years wears a groove in itself where it spins in the rubber seals. It doesn’t fit like new.

Second, check your PCV valve if you have one (my '91 Camry did not).

Third, do a compression check. If your engine cylinders are worn the combustion in the chambers will blow past the rings, pressurizing the crankcase and forcing oil past the seals.

How much oil is it using?

it goes about 200 miles before i have to put in another quart. ih ave to add that it really starts to leak when i gun it. it does have a turbo.
i will do a compression test

Post the results. If your engine is worn out a turbo will only exascerbate the problem. And yes, it’ll be worse when you gun it. Forcing more pressure into the cylinders will exascerbate a blowby problem.

The good news is that old, tired engines can run for years with the problem as long as the oil level is kept up.