Repeat 2014 Subaru Crosstrek issue

Bought Crosstrek used from dealership last Feb. 2016, had weird feeling something was wrong in March due to rough feel, found out it had a broken axle both front and back…got repaired by dealership, as I had a paper copy of the warranty (dealership had no record of the warranty…)

Early Dec. 2016 car would not start after having driven it. No lights, no turn-over, nothing. Put fob near start button, nothing. 20 mins later tried again and the lights on the dash started blinking like crazy and continued for about awhile then stopped. Had to call AAA and he jump started car and it started. No problem with battery. Dealership check-up, nothing wrong…

Here it is nine weeks later under same circumstances and it happened again. Brought car to dealership, nothing wrong.

Obviously something’s wrong…what is it?

My math says 44 months later.
Is your CEL on?
Unless you still have a valid warranty, try an independent mechanic.


Parasitic drain maybe?

Might be a bad BCM.