2019 Subaru Crosstrek - Hesitates

825 miles and the car occasionally hesitates when my foot is put on the gas pedal… the hesitation means zero movement… scares me when I have to pull into traffic… not sure what the car is going to do… otherwise I love the car

You find that acceptable?

One word… WARRANTY.
Rather than asking random, anonymous people on the internet about this issue, the OP needs to refer the problem with a multiply-warrantied vehicle to a dealership. If the dealership proves to be less-than-helpful, then she should contact Subaru at the corporate level. Contact information can be found in the Owner’s Manual.

If you brake with your left foot you must be sure to release the brake pedal completely before pressing the accelerator, if you don’t the accelerator won’t respond.

I have contacted the dealership and have an appt for June 18… yes…you heard June 18… problem was reported on June 7… said there was no way possible that they could look at the car before. I am going to get the sales department involved and that might move up things a bit… will let you know the outcome.

also… at the time of purchase I purchased the extended warranty 10 years or 100000 miles… just hope and pray the car is as great and reliable as reported by so many car reviews

As suggested before, look in your owners manual for corporate contact and you can go to any Subaru dealer for service and repair.

Do you brake with your left foot?

Wasn’t there a person ( left foot brake ) who had a problem like this and it was finally determined that he was using the brake pedal like you would a clutch pedal .

you should see if another crosstek does the same.

I can attest that it is not “normal”.
A few weeks ago, when my Outback was in the shop for maintenance, I was given a brandy-new (121 miles on the odometer) Crosstrek as a loaner, and there was no hesitation whatsoever.

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Does the vehicle have stop/start and maybe that’s what you are feeling ? Some cars are worse than others on how fast they will restart and go . If it has it and there is a way to shut it off I would even if you have to do it every time you start the car .

If this is your first car with a CVT type of transmission – assuming that’s what you have — you might just be noticing the way it works normally. Try test driving another Crosstrek of similar configuration at the dealership for comparison before assuming something is wrong.

I wonder how many left-foot-brakers end up stomping both pedals in a panic stop.

Hi I appreciate all of the “ideas” as to why my car responds occasionally why it does. I happen to be left handed… I have occasionally braked with my left foot. I am making sure that I do not break left footed and only use my right foot… it has only been a day since the last incident and I am only going from my house to my business and back… will update in a week what my finding are. I have an apt with the Subaru dealership on the 18th of June.

I am left handed but I have occasionally used my left foot to brake. I am mindful to use only my right foot for
acceleration and braking.

No, this model does not have stop/start.

After driving a brand-new Crosstrek for two days, I can tell you that the effect of its CVT is almost imperceptible, and it does not produce anything that could be construed as hesitation. The only noticeable thing about the CVT was that the engine appeared to be turning at higher revs during acceleration than it would in a “conventional” automatic transmission car.