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I just replaced the inner tie rod on my 08 altima. As im reassembling, I’m having alit of trouble returning the nut that holds the outer tie rod end to the rotor and wheel mount. The bolt is attached to the ball joint on the tie rod end, and the nut must go all the way on so that the codder pin can be reinserted. Yet after one or two revolutions, the nut wont go any further because the ball joint and bolt are rotating with every turn. Theres no way to hold this bolt/ ball joint firm so that I may tighten the nut to its rightful place. Can anyone think of a way to get this nut on without compromising the outer tie rod end? I feel helpless n frustrated and am so close to finishing the job I can taste it. Any ssuggestions? Anything wil lbe
Help… Thanks. Helpless in Guilford

If you look at the outer tie rod stud it’s tapered.

Sometimes smacking the outer tie rod so the tapered stud gets wedged into the knuckle allows the tightening of the nut.


Do u have a wire brush? Make sure threads on tie-rod bolt are clean. Try and spin nut onto bolt before u insert it into knuckle arm. The nut should turn onto bolt easily.